Giving Back

Artists from Burundi

The owner and manager of Brewed Awakenings fly to Burundi every other year to purchase directly from a co-op that provides jobs and training for widowed women to help keep them off the streets. All handmade, fair-trade goods are sold inside the coffee shop to help support these women.

"It is very rewarding work to be there with them. When we bought the stuff to sell here, they were all sobbing and dancing around. They could not believe that we would buy their stuff."

-J.D. Willets, Owner of Brewed Awakenings
community cup at Brewed Awakenings

What is a community cup?

Pay it forward! The community cup is a gift from one fellow coffee lover to another. Simply purchase a cup of coffee, put up a note on the coffee machine, and allow the next person in need the gift of a fresh, hot cup of cofee.

"People are hungry for acceptance, for being seen, for being heard, for being a person and not a number or a student id, and that is part of what we are here for. We are here to see people and to value them."

-J.D. Willets, Owner of Brewed Awakenings

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